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What Does Hoods Cleaning Include ? 

The governing standard provides also the qualification of the people who will perform the job. It states that the entire exhaust system shall be inspected for grease build up by a properly trained, qualified and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is not just done by anybody. While user are expected to clean the exterior surfaces of exhaust hoods as part of the normal hood cleaning procedures, thorough cleaning of the system is to be carried out by certified kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals.
The scope of the work should include:

· Disassembly, cleaning and degreasing hoods, including hood filter tracts, grease troughs, and removable grease cups
· Removal of roof and/or wall mounted fans from ductwork to degrease the base, shroud, and blades
· Inspecting exhaust fans for loose or worn out fan belts
· Cleaning and degreasing all hood filters, hood parts and accessories, and replacing if necessary
· Cleaning all accessible parts of ductwork from exhaust fans to each individual hood
· Applying food-safe polish to stainless steel ductwork
· Thoroughly cleaning all affected areas (remove plastic, mop, remove any debris, etc.)
· Providing a complete, detailed written report of all work performed, and deficiencies in the exhaust system, and recommendations for addressing any problems
· Attaching a certificate showing company name, person performing the work and date of cleaning to each hood cleaned

Certified professional hood cleaning is necessary for any commercial / residential kitchen operation, both to reduce fire hazard and to avoid noncompliance. Most of the reputable hood cleaning services will be happy to walk you through their procedures, provide “before and after photos” and work with restaurant management / user  to ensure safety options. Just be sure to hire the most suitable people to do the job. Check all their professional work portfolio and licenses. Hiring the best kitchen exhaust / hoods cleaning operators will help you save a lot in terms of your energy, time and money. The most important thing, a good and efficient kitchen exhaust cleaning operator will help you stay in the food business.